What is this?

What is this?

An effort in rollup education, with the ultimate goal to provide users with the terminology necessary to understand differences, risks, and make informed decisions.

There are two glossaries:

We separate them, for now, because we want to focus on the foundational (and at times contentious) terms first and come to a good community consensus in order to properly educate rollup users.

This is meant to be for rollups at large; terms are not tied to any specific rollup project or implementation. That said, if there is ambiguity in a definition, it can be assumed that the concept pertains to rollups built atop Ethereum. Further, where some concepts apply to Ethereum/L1 as well as rollups, the glossary tries to focus on rollups. For Ethereum definitions, check out the Ethereum glossary (opens in a new tab).

For a comprehensive framework to understand different rollups (and other L2s) and their associated risks, check out L2BEAT (opens in a new tab). Perhaps this glossary ends up folding into L2BEAT's thorough material.

See How to contribute for more information.